Monday, May 31

Greenness all around

Spring nature table.

The small flower children.

I received these beautiful wooden Sprites from Syrendell on Etsy. They are wonderful! It is Jasmin's job to run out in the mornings and fill their hands with fresh flowers.
My WIP project now is cloth bags to hang by their beds, to find their clothes for the days, no questions and less mess. Jasmin made hers together with me, making the twisted rope and stitches along one side. She realy looks forward to finding out what she is to wear, now I just have to make sure I don't forget...

We did a lot of watercolor painting a while back, everyday, and did a whole wall feature, all of us painting our own side.

The dandelions have sprung into seed, covering the hills in fairy-dust. Our garden is coming along, the days have been hot and dry, which requires a little more watering then I had expected, I was of course hoping mother-nature would take care of the watering situation. Pictures to come. Am slightly immobile as of yeasterday, on a hike up the mountain here with the family, I seriously sprained my ankle, have to use crutches, and am off to get an x-ray tomorrow.

our garden flag. handmade flagpole, just a little crooked...

Our greenhouse on the porch is an ingenious food-cart from and old ship Anders came home with one day. Not the most beautiful/ aesthetic piece of furniture, but very effective.

The tomatoes seem to like it at any rate, and the baby-salad is thriving.

To sum it up, Noa's tractor love. I made up a blue tractor lullaby special for him (I sing them all their own good-night song). A couple weeks ago we were at a great local small cultural happening, and they had put out this gorgeous little old blue tractor which WAS HIS tractor! He was amazed! Stunned.

Monday, May 24

News and days

One month, that must be the limit. I have had this demarcation date in the back of my head now for days. Time flies when you are having fun, or simply extremely busy, all the same, time is all relevant, and "everydayness" and evening work has all been non- pleasure, all business.

The most important time consumer for me has been being accepted to quite a substantial seminar in Beirut in June, requiring intense read ups, and language buffering. I planned on going down in June no matter what, to do fieldwork, and when I was accepted it all sort of materialized. I am really excited about going. Really, it has been a year since last time, but still all too soon, to leave these wonderful kids, and my beautiful hubby. 17 days is a long time, a long time to be away, not just that they will forget me, but what I will miss out on. Like today, an everyday at home, involving Whitsun dove mobiles, baking lemon/ poppy seed cake for Noa's dolls birthday afternoon tea, laundry and gardening.

Noa conquered his Early Rider.

Walks in the woods. The twins are old enough to walk!! Without a buggy, and without one single beg or whine, this trip was about almost 2km one-way.

Strawberry season is up in Belgium. They are down to $4 for a box. Which is cheep. We invested in a quality blender a few weeks ago, and are now smoothie-ed out, on all the berries and spirulina. And coconut, pineapple, sesames, dates, and so on and so forth. At any rate, the difference between female and male hand-and-eye coordination revealed itself, with Lea handling the knife with dad.

Noa pretended to be participating... while sneak eating.

No strawberries in my cheeks, dad!

Will be back with more, asap. Good night.