Wednesday, November 2

Croatia and Montenegro

Hiking down the mountain.

Dubrovnik Old City from above
village of Cavtat, where we stayed
being brave. eating octopus. (a lot of restaurant etiquette practice on this trip...)
beautiful Montenegro, in the ancient Bay of Kotor.
Saint Stephens, south of Budva.
beautiful pink rock beach.

autumn focus roundup

Autumn Table- notice Jasmin's and Lea's Root Children all lined up to be hugged by Mother Earth again.

Even the bees and hedgehogs have gone underground.

This one HAD not gone to bed yet, but instead hung out with Noa and Lea for a couple of days around the sand box being fed snacks.

Hand picked Chanterelles, and Rasberry/ Apple Tart. Autumn indeed.

We found dragon fruit at the Arab grocers in Bergen. Opening it was like opening a dragon egg. What was inside?
Amazing. Who would have known.
We also found Lotus flowers
...which are supposed to be edible.
If anyone would have any tips on HOW to eat the, that would be appreciated. Saw I could stir fry the sliced stems... maybe later.

The air has turned cold, and we returned from a week in Croatia to all the leaves gone from the trees. Winter is coming. Funny how quickly the seasons seem to be going now. I can remember being a teenager and a summer seemed forever. Now, i f I don't get something done I simply say I will do it next spring. Sheesh, like the old woman who finally doesn't carry her Christmas decorations up to the loft anymore but keeps them under the sofa... Christmas IS just around the corner again. Which it actually is, but first the twins birthday. They will be four in a couple weeks, and the gift planning has begun... 
The rhythm of the days are different now. Jasmin gets home at 1.30pm. This is our time together, as she needs to be coiled down somehow and given a cup of tea. Then we read, she plays quiet, or lately, I take her running with me, she bikes, I run, then we pick up the little ones. Works perfectly!

 hot Bengal Spice tea and cold Carob Almond milk. Yum.