Friday, April 23

::this moment::

::a friday ritual. a single photo capturing a moment from the week. a simple, special, extraordinary moment. a moment to pause, savor and remember. (inspired by soulemama)::

Gardening in the snow

These past weeks have passed in a blur. A little one sick, another cranky. Anders was gone last weekend, and attending a seminar in Oslo this one. I don't mind being alone, I use the time usefully for all kinds of good Waldorf fun, crafts, baking and GARDENING! Yay! Finally, we are stated. The seedlings have sprung out, and until yesterday, I thought we were going to start transferring outside, but then the weather changed.

Lea last week in moments of sun, watering her tray of sunflowers, and sweet-peas.

I am no gardener, nor do I have green fingers, BUT I do believe it is possible to create soemthing out of nothing, despite lack of skill. All you need is time, inspiration, and packets of seeds. Oh, and children help, I admit I would not be so excited without the little helpers, and Root Children stories and wonder of watching things BECOME, all pushing me on. Spending time outside just took on a new meaning. I really recommend a book "Gardening with Young Children" It's one of the Waldorf Early Years books.

I had decided to mainly plant in pots and boxes, as we are only living here temporarily. Then it dawned on me, that we indeed will be here till Christmas, long after the season is over, and any vital strawberry plants I wish to take with us, I just do. Well, here goes then. First stage has been digging out weeded areas that havn't been touched in years. We are going for full kitchen garden herbs, including parsley, rosemary, thyme, peppermint, basel, coriander. After that we got tomatoes, various flowers, sunflowers, radishes, baby salads, argula and maybe potatoes, if I can get the dirt turned in time. Now I just need the snow to melt. Again. And I need to get some sleep.


King Winter returns, with a blast of snow and ice.
In these volcano times, it makes you wonder. Though it is most likely simply unstable April weather, warm and dry one day- considering planting out the sweet peas, cold and snow the next.

Taking this opportunity to show Anders' massive wood benches/ work areas for kids. Amazing what you can do with a bench!

Wednesday, April 14

The Cloth Challenge

The work in progress, at least in my mind, is the amount of waste one produses. How to cut it down. This was one of our monthly challenges. Thanks to borrowing from friends and buying used, we are back to cloth diapers. A must with TWO 2 year olds.

The cloth napkins and wash cloths are also a must. Done.

And for you women, cloth sanitary napkins are really easy! And the mooncup, works perfectly, is healthy for your body and the environment. They sell them in a store in Trondheim.

Monday, April 12

Sunday in the Sun

We spent Sunday out at Rykkje, at some wonderful friends paradise, right by the sea. They had 4 brand new lambs, just a day old. S new that we could not get very close, will have to come back later when mama sheep is not so protective.

First day we could be at the beach, took off our sweaters and rain suits, AND they all could play on their own. A new era has begun. It is going to be great summer!

Saturday, April 10


Photo courtesy of Jasmin.

Spring Nature table.

Mother Earth was beautifully done by a wonderful needle felt artist in New Zealand. Thank you Marie!

Nature Awareness Month

Living in Norway, going outside everyday is as natural as any other rhythm of the day. We have a saying: there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. In Norwegian it's a nifty rhyme! Well, inspired by a blog post through a blog post, I heard about something called Nature Awareness April, and thought that would be a good idea, and inspire me to post a little more often, and take a few more photos!

We cook outside for lunch as often as possible.

New sandbox up and running. Water and sand is all one needs, more photos to come!

Wednesday, April 7

Easter Week and Moments of discipline

Easter is not something we really celebrate religiously, but all the same, we have crafted and painted, and went on an Easter egg hunt Sunday, baked Hot Cross Buns, made buckwheat pancakes (again), and decorated an Easter tree. The spring is so close now. The leaves on the branches burst out after approximately 5 hours!

Watercolors on eggs

As the Easter gifts, I had ordered these wonderful knitted gnome hats from a wondeful woman on Etsy- her name is Judy, and her shop is Mama Judes. I think it is fine to know ones capibilities, and cheat a little. They ARE homemade. Each one got a matching hat for their doll too. Noa, the boy, loved his the most.

A little early morning play.

Bike time. Jasmin is learning how, Noa and Lea share a wonderful Early Rider.

Picking up on the French Cooking, Anders made some exquisite pate a choix- with raspberry cream filling.

All dolls invited.

Home making with kids is, lucky enough, all about just being home, and not having BIG expectations. They are still so small. Have reachded a point of relaxing more, on myself that is.
They are still so small, and all the same so capable of pulling your strings, and laughing it up! The concept of gentle dicipline, NOT reaising your voice and speaking in pictures is all wonderful, but difficult to incorporate at all times. I am really trying though. Really recommend "The Parenting Passageway", see link on right column. She has some wonderful insight into gentle dicipline, and doesn't require reading an entire novel, to get started.