Monday, August 31

Monday update

We had a visitor from New Zealand last week, whom the kids and I took up to the Folgefonna glacier. Beautiful, clear skies, icy cold, fresh water. It was an amazing experience even for me.

lea in our garden, picking apples, or alternately snails, is a favorite past time.

Apple picking season has just started. They are still a little sour, but perfect for cakes and juice.
Anders and teh children were up in Fitjadalen while I was away with a couple of couchsurfers (recommendable, check it out on and built a fairyhouse, for the little gnomes by the lake.

Rasberry season is sadly enough over, but the freezer is full and the winters jam is secured.

The days are whizzing by here with us. Autumn has definitely arrived, in a sort of melancholic sneaky way, just acknowledging that summer has passed and no more swimming in the sea was a quite a blow. Living in this area is absolutely fantastic, but the summers are not predictable. On the flip side, darker evenings, rain and cold has it's magic. We are outside just as much, picking berries, digging in numerous sandboxes in the area. Noa likes to find the biggest puddles and lay in them, and then have a handful of mud and sand to go with it.
We can light more candles, have more cosy inside time. make more breads and food that take time, since we don't have to run to the beach at every possible ray of sun.

Mondays are now my study day here at home. I have made a fantastic arrangement with a friend of mine to take turns taking care of each others kids. She takes Noa and Lea Mondays, i get little Elias on Fridays. I think she got the worst end of that deal... Lea is a little unhappy about me leaving, but i am back by 2pm, and all is well and happy.

I have started actively the Kindergarten here at home, and will be posting specifically what i do, to document what and where and why. Doing story time with Jasmin is still a challenge with the twins around, they distract her, and me. And doing circle songs and such are a challenge with Jasmin, as she is SOOO rough with them. The ages are so close, but yet so far apart. I am hoping the magic of repetition and Jasmin being more home with me will solve all the crying and delays. These days are also MY learning experiences, dealing with discipline, implementing structure and routine, song and crafts. Much more challenging then writing a masters theses I tell you. Beyond doubt.

Thursday, August 20

the beginnning of autumn

am having a few downloading problems with the blog.
here are some blueberry picking pics from last week, more to come i hope, but it takes hours to get one photo up. hmmm.....

Thursday, August 13

Back from southern Lebanon OR mom gone, kids have fun...

In a spur of the moment window of opportunity, I left Anders and the kids for an 11 day fieldwork in Lebanon. It was amazing, amazing because i had a great time, met incredible people and could justify my absence, amazing because Anders is the perfect father, has a great time, and everyone was happy. Amazing because it is possible to do such a thing even though we have so many children. This post is a few pictures from Anders life here at home and a few from Southern Lebanon. Beautiful area. Next time I want to take them all, swimming in the sea, delicious food, wonderful kind and adventurous people.

The Great Roman Hippodrome in Tyre, the biggest and most intact of it's kind. They filmed Ben Hur here, so I have been told. Will have to see it again to be sure.
Intense tour along the UNIFIL blue line. View to Israel. Will try to make a follow up post on this.
View of Beirut where i stayed with some fantastic couchsurfers.

Anders nature table. with blueberries.
Our windvane.
Tea party in the sandbox.

The best way to make sure you don't get wet feet in downfall rain. ducktape.