Sunday, July 26

vacation- summerhouse in sweden

We drove up to Anders' uncle's summerhouse in Vimmerby. A wonderful place out in the woods, just like where Emil lived, and in the exact same area too. We got water from the well, and made food outside in the outside kitchen.

(We visted Astrid Lindgrens World, and Katthult where the Emil films were filmed. I recommend it! And the Emil films are the best childrens movies EVER made if you are looking for quality tv for children. We do not have a TV, but Jasmin gets to seee some Emil once in a while on the laptop.)

Here is the house. Can let the kids run right out the door.

Auntie Anne and little Johannes.
We found frogs down by the lake.
Picked wild strawberries.

Jasmin and Lea built a little dwarf house for the little people. The day after, they had left a cookie!

vacation- Roskilde and birthday

well, well well. Back from vacation. It was actually wonderful to not have neither a phone or internet connection for over three weeks. It has been wonderful family time, and good for the kids to see all the relatives in Denmark. Being on the go with a full backseat is a little challenging, but doable. A lot of stops and swimming, long visits and to be frank, it is the same amount of work, home or traveling. Twins are twins.
Noa and Lea have done quantum leaps of development. Lea is actually speaking in sentences, and Noa is just a REAL man, a stuntman. Jasmin turned four years old while we were on vacation too. Amazing, fours years have just flown by.

We visited good friends in Roskilde twice, Kai and Gitte and their three wonderful teenage children. They have a beautiful old farm house, animals and lots of love. Jasmin said she would like to move here too. We celebrated her birthday there.

Anders and I gave Jasmin two wonderful little Evi Waldorf dolls for the dollhouse, a boy and a little baby in a cradle. Auntie Anne had given her a swing for the doll already. And she got bubbles! Gitte, being an educated Waldorf kindergarten teacher, had a wonderful tradition of covering the gift on the table with silks and scarfs, the same in number as years, each must be peeled off and acknowledged. Beautiful.

We played in their garden, ate outside and picked all the cherries we could eat!