Monday, June 29

Boat festival

Last weekend was the Norheimsund Boat festival. This is from the Small Boat Regatta, this year we had three boats for all children. Jasmin has come in first and second these last two years, this year we only reached forth.

And we went on Matilde, for a short "pirate" sail, from Norheimsund, to the Fartøyvernsenter,where Anders works. (Check out the website, to see what he does.) Here you can see Jon Christian, our youth that lives with us, up in the rigg.

Home weekend

This weekend "bestemor"- grandma, came to visit from Trondheim along with uncle Johannes.
We had a great time, basically at the beach ALL the time. It was sooo hot, for us anyway. And we had a small bithday for Jasmin, since we will be in Denmark on July 1oth. Bestemor made a rushed crown of wool felt, while i made cake. With bells and all.

My birthday present for Jasmin is taking longer then i thought, have had sick babies and the heat and all the other things which must be done, but i hope to take it on vacation and finish it then. It is a super simple pattern i ordered from the states, home in my mailbox in one week. Here it is. Simple white cotton and a silk scarf i received as a gift from my good friend Ramona, which unfortunately met it's end after long use, as a cool lining. I will keep you updated....

Our Zen clock in the kitchen window chimes every hour. It is an awareness chime, but Jasmin has decided it tells what "what time it do...". She asks, what time is it now, and i use this opportunity to say, it is baking time, clean up time, wash our hands time.... Now she talks to the clock, when i am not watching, and has wonderful conversations about the tasks of the day.

Friday, June 19

Baking Day.

Early morning baking bread for lunch. The most important thing was not the bread itself, but the work we put into it. What a mess. It was so worth it.


Anders was out freediving this week and caught a big "rødspette". Really good white fish.

This evening he was out and harpooned an eel. Supposedly a delicacy. Ahem, i believe it...

Monday, June 15


I've delivered my paper for this term! Thank goodness it's over. All those nights of continuous bad conscious are done. Now I'm off till August.

If anyone is in need of a great news source for the middle east, check out You receive a full translation into English of the most important news and editorials around the Middle East every weekday right in your mail box. It is an invaluable resource for me. price is a little steep, but it's a small business run out of Beirut.

Well, back to the kids.

Sunday, June 14

Picture update

We brought the kayak to the beach.

Typical picture of Noa and Lea. Noa, the man, is throwing wooden animals and blocks out into the room. Lea, the girl, is sitting peacefully, dangerously near.., putting blankets on dollies....
Peek-a-boo games.
Even boys play with dollhouses!
Her er Thea og Jasmin som løper i Fitjadalen
Thea og Jasmin maler skjell ute.
Funny Noa.


Great summer weather again. All three kids, Noa, Lea and Jasmin have been swimming. The sea is not so warm yet, maybe 14 C. Sand and sun and water keeps them all happy, and Anders and I can relax as well. Of course it involved washing all the woolies again!

We also had a Bee- theme today, singing Bee songs and a fingerplay Noa loved. I had felted little Bees for them. Jasmin picked out little eyes for hers. This was inspired from a Daily Childcare Guide i have been looking into, made by a woman in the US, doing Nature based childcare. Very waldorf too.

Thursday, June 11


Noa and Lea at the beach. They both ran in so quick, i did not have time to remove the necessary clothing. First swim of the year.

Tuesday, June 2


da er det i gang.
håper dette kan bli noe mange kan få glede av.
her skal det komme små glimt fra oss og hva vi holder på med.
plasser vi har besøkt, nye ord de små har lært og ting og tang vi har laget og bakt.

sees snart.
see you all soon.

love from hardanger