Thursday, October 15

How lucky to be two.

Outside our house, in front. Great for bikes and Anders hung up two swings.

Lea is the boss, but being the feminine one, she has an incredible love and care for "little" Noa.

Wednesday, October 14

A typical new day.

Early morning baking.

View of the glacier.
Picking pinecones

And the twins at work.

Top excitement today was the run-away sheep in the garden and the fantastic crispy autumn weather. Now the little ones are asleep and I'm checking up on emails, reading the news and drinking cortados. The sun is flooding in through the windows, with a spectacular view of the Hardanger Fjord and the Folgefonna Glacier.

Life is far from dull. Life as housewife rocks. I get to hang out with my children, run around outside, do waldorf watercolour painting,- all at the same time I get to read counter insurgency briefings, Hezbollah papers and do my masters research.

Jasmin had her first real visitor a few days ago. Her first real friend, who goes to her Kindergarden, and happens to live right next to us in the new house. Having a dialogue on how much freedom to give a four year old, concerning running down tot he neighbours alone, playing outside unsupervised.. Been using The Parenting Passageway a lot lately, which I highly recommend.

Thursday, October 8

Landing on our feet.

A quick update for ourselves and to you reading. We are now installed happily and snug in a new house we are renting. We had quite a serious housefire on the 19th of september, leaving us completely without a home and all our things gone or severely damged.

It has been a alot of work, it has been really tough on the children, and such an ordeal to BUY and find all the things one needs to live. But amazing how quickly one can accumulate. We have been incredibly lucky, and it is just material loss. We are all happy and healthy.
Life goes on quite quickly with small children, wake-up calls at 6am, porridge to be made, walks to be had, the autumn to be experienced and the onset of frosty winter.

Thus, good or bad karma, good or bad luck, is quite realtive to how you take it, we think. We are calm, and sure of eachother and life. The rest is just details.
Admitting we are exhausted is a truth, but unsure or sad would not. We are pretty sure we can stay in this wonderful house until our new one is built, yes- we have to rebuild. Diving into architecture magazines, ready houses, paperwork with the insurence company. Writing detailed inventory lists for the insurence company is equally challenging but necessary, everything must be mentioned if we are to recieve the insurence for it.

Photos from our new view, the house is farther up the hill, great location, and behind the house we can see the mountains covered in the first snow. Sheep just up the drivway.
More photos to come. The first thing Anders did was to buy a digital cmarea for documentaion reasons in the house.
Now back to rythm is priority nr. 1. and then maybe alittle Kindergarden and painting. I missed Michaelmass compleatly, am aiming for an october fest of somekind. Autumnis truly beautiful here, cold and wet, but beautiful.