Monday, July 11

Fish cakes

How to make fish cakes with frozen-hard-as-a-rock fish:

step one: make sure you have one (1) man and axe handy.

summer activities

As a cross posting to a post on the house blog, we cannot say enough how happy we are with the dutchtub we invested in. The best toy ever. Basically in use everyday.

On the other hand, the dutch tub is not just something you get considering the price. Alternatively, a black industrial rubber tub is infinitely cheaper, and MUCH more versatile. (see photos...). Can be used instead of taking a swim/ bath/ shower. Provides perfect comfort and privacy to read the few minutes the deck dries up in between the rain.

And can be stacked, built or arranged into trains.  Other ruses we have observed are soccer goals, chairs and pools to fish in.
noa's current pastime  is to be up-side down. boys.
 The second thing to do when it rains and are in doubt: bake. Lea is the natural cook. no matter what they are up to, if i ask her to come help make dinner or stir or watch something on the stove. she comes.

Noa sticks his fingers in it, eats a handful, and washes dishes. Equally fun I am sure. This particular day we were baking at 8am. Managed chocolate brownies, whole-wheat buns and Lebanese mana'eesh, which is a beautiful flattened bread spread with za'atar and oil stuffed with olives, spring onions and lots of mint, by 11. Just in time for the sun to show itself, so we raced to the beach for lunch and swam around for a couple of hours. Summer here is short. Have to act fast.

Sunday, July 10

birthday sun-day!

birthday breakfast at 6am. jasmin had already been awake an hour. (new birthday crown this year. sunflowers, letter J and waves.)

six candles.

birthday party on the terrace. and the sun came out!

jasmin chose the kinky pinky cake from our danish cake cookbook. amazing how pink blueberry juice is.

cecilia the doll had a new crown as well.

noa survived 2 hours with 5 girls. and passed out in the dolls cradle at 12pm.