Wednesday, May 16


 Diving seems to be a red line going through many of our endeavors. Jasmin has become amazingly comfortable and calm underwater. being able to relax and hold ones breath comes first. She is good at not panicking or becoming scared. Putting the suit on is  going really well. Anders and I both take her out. And she loves it. Asks us when we can do it next.

This summer we intend to take the twins out as well. After all that practicing in the Dutch Tub, they are ready! The art of changing in cold weather is the challenge. Lesson One: Never get cold feet. Lesson Two: See lesson one.
We bring along two jugs of hot water to rinse the suits in first, and to shower in afterwards. Pretty luxurious, when it is only 5 degrees.

Fun on the terrace

Anders being a fireman now, there is a lot of work to be done. The three last Saturdays he has been running into burning houses. The whole corps was doing training smoke diving And here Lea and Noa take it upon themselves to clean up his helmet. Very serious business.

Following is a small story capturing Noa deciding to make figures on the terrace, but the rain never came, so we had to help him out. He is such a good boy.

Tuesday, May 15

apropos birthday magic

An old draft post from November birthday 2010

Spring tides

This past week has been  green interspersed with snow and hail. It was my birthday yesterday. Wonderful to see how the children are more excited then I am am. Whispering in corners, drawing secrets and giggling. Looking forward to something beautiful is half the joy. They made me a beautiful morning ritual, like we do, breakfast, song, gifts, hot tub in sleet and storm-winds at 6.30 am. You know, the usual!

After dinner we had a chocolate, almond flour-less torte with cream and raspberries. I am lucky and happy. And I MUST be an adult now, according to Lea. It happens when you get so old, there is no room on the cake for the amount of candles needed.... darn.

birthday rainbows. window wash included.