Thursday, February 3

Enviormental Housekeeping

One Small Change was the name of a project circulating on the web last year. Every month one was to make "one small change" towards the better, towards conscious living. We have done a few major changes and actually turned them into habits. This is the only way to make changes,  if you take upon yourself too many changes at once they will drown out and become nothing.

We have converted to using wash nuts full time. I mentioned these before in an earlier post, but now I can say for sure they work. It is just as easy, just as clean and actually cheaper. AND they work on everything. Wool, silk, cloth diapers. You name it.
Check out our house blog for more info on nuts in Norwegian, and where to buy them. 

Christmas and Candlemas

Christmas was short and sweet. My family came to stay, lot of snow and good food. Sad to say, very few pictures were taken. 

Our Christmas star in the window. Was taken done now at Candlemas yesterday.

Twin Birthday

The 23rd of November we celebrated an early morning birthday celebration for Noa Leander and Lea Noor. Three years old. Imagine that. Complete with the crowns their Kindergarten had made (which they denied to take off) fresh baked rolls, beeswax candles and gifts. 7am, by candle light, watching the magic unfold.