Sunday, November 28

Happy First of Advent!

Quick update is in demand. The house building is moving along. For all interested in low energy house, passive standards, and environmental choices on water heating, solar panels and such, check out out house blog, Anders' actually, to see what it will look like. English summery of major posts is coming, I promise.

Our twins are now three years old, I have delivered my thesis and am preparing for the oral exam, and today we off to the  Christmas market at a Waldorf School outside Bergen, for the first time. I am really excited!

Monday, November 15

Where is Your Bicycle?: Before We Left Norway

Where is Your Bicycle?: Before We Left Norway: "We had a lot of fun during our 2+ weeks in Norway... Natalia and Anders manage to get out with their three kids every day, more than once, ..."

Saturday, November 6

Early Winter Goodness

I have been working like crazy this week. Came home late last night after 48 intensive hours at the library. Was met with a pristine, cleaned house, wool clothes laid out for today's swimming and incense burning in the hall. Happy me, and happy husband (though equally exhausted.)

the last autumn table. look at those sunflowers! saved in from the snow and blooming!

Building Day 1. Kids and Lunch with Dad.
Our view.
small glimpse at our outer facade. will publish the digital 3D one asap.
Today was a day off. Recuperation for all of us. A lot of sleep, swimming, warm lunch and books. It now gets dark already at 16.30. A wonderful adventure, if you just embrace it. The children and I made hot Roiboosh Lion Tea, packed the cashews and headed to the playground, in the pitch black. We all have our own headlamps, so the night is as as light as needed, wherever we turn out head. Wonderful. Sometimes I feel like we are living on Svalbard or somewhere more arctic than here.

Jasmin's doll Cecilia had a birthday earlier last week.

Jasmin silk-foot.
Purple girls on purple Monday. Jasmin is kind enough to show Lea her "glansbilde" collection. (Thanks to Bestemor) An old Norwegian tradition.
help with dishes.