Friday, December 3

Out of the ashes

Anders built a wonderful 'lavvo' in the garden, complete with bench, sheepskins, Christmas lights and fire outside.
Sunny days and cold. The days are exceptionally short. Light at 9, dark at 4. I think one sleeps more during the winter. At 6pm in the summers we would take an evening trip to the beach, swim and hang out. Now at 6, I am wondering how soon we can go to bed.
House building is on the agenda everyday. Article from the local newspaper. Due to the intense cold we are experiencing now, down to minus 12, progress has slowed down a bit.
Don't forget to follow the blog as well, here is a collage by Anders, taking the twins down to he building site. ( He still takes care of all the kids on Tuesdays and Thursdays, wonderful pappa.)

One needs competent experts to ensure the plumber has actually made holes in the pipes...