Monday, March 19

impossibles and paints

first pussy willows!
Some days are better left to history then others. but, as luck will have it, I had promised myself, and my dad, to start posting again, and today was to be the day, no matter what.
i could have posted on all the roundups and great snapshots I have from the last couple of months, but... today was pretty funny actually.
the kids are on a rampage mode these past weeks, the what-happens-if-we-do-this-mode, and how to run around and make the most noise. Or how to sneak away and be really quiet for as long as possible so no one misses you. I always KNOW when they are up to no-good. Just about 5 minutes too late.
today was no exception, Lea managed to empty TWO tubes of toothpaste, and Noa found the gold stamp pad, covered his whole body (  in the nude mind you) and decided he was going to be.. well, i never got that far. When to laugh and when to say "i think we should take better care of that wall my friend". I laughed, he got furious, I had interrupted something holy, and then he laughed in the shower. And now Lea has a bright idea....

Of course then they surprise you by saying something profoundly gentle and compassionate, play falling rainbows in the stairs, and sit starry eyed as a I read for them before bedtime. Impossibles.

this beautiful rainbow silk i ordered from an etsy shop named desertdyeworks
it is a miracle. they actually learn how to read, whether one will it or not. hey ho for curiosity.

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